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How can I tell if the weed I buy is top shelf?

How can I tell if the weed I buy is top shelf?

The visual differences between low quality and high quality cannabis are apparent when you see them side by side. This article will outline some other ways you can tell that your cannabis purchase is truly top shelf bud!

What does low quality cannabis look like?

When considering quality, it mainly comes down to potency and flavor. Low quality cannabis, sometimes called brick weed or swag typically has a dry and less complex appearance. The color is often more brown and green and the buds may be dry and leafy. 

What do mids look like?

Medium quality cannabis, or mids for short, covers the majority of cannabis grown today and usually has a more dynamic visual appearance. The color trends more toward green or purple. It sometimes has orange hairs called stigmas. You may see some sugary trichomes. 

What does true top shelf weed look like?

High quality or top shelf cannabis is the most visually engaging. Quality buds will display a spectrum of color and a big big bouquet of aromas. Where top shelf truly shines is the trichomes! They coat premium cannabis in a thick sugary layer and impact the effects and flavor profile. While the visual appearance of cannabis can say a lot about its quality, visuals alone can’t tell you everything about a strain. 

What makes a strain top shelf quality?

When it comes to the differences between good weed and bad weed, there are several key things to consider. Probably first and foremost is genetics, more specifically THC content. THC is the compound in cannabis that gets you high. If a strain is genetically predisposed to not produce a lot of THC, you’re not going to feel a lot of effects. If you’ve ever bought weed that looked good, was nice and green, and even smelled good but didn’t have much of an effect, It probably just wasn’t a quality genetic strain. Think of it like a car. You could have a nice, beautiful, shiny, freshly painted car sitting in the garage, but without the proper internal components, engine transmission, etc. It’s not going to really do anything or be super useful. 

Another crucial factor that goes a long way in determining differences between good weed and bad weed is cultivation and harvest techniques. You could have the world’s best cannabis strain, but if it’s not grown, harvested and or cured properly, you’re probably going to end up with a bunch of garbage. The reason for this comes down to cannabinoid and terpene content. Terpene or terpenoids are what give a cannabis strain its unique flavor and aroma profile. 

What shape is top shelf quality weed?

Another key difference between good and bad weed is where specifically the plant material that you’re smoking has come from. You might have heard of terms before like shake or trim, which refer to what are basically leftover clippings from actual cannabis buds. Good quality weed comes directly from the dense tightly packed resinous flowers of properly harvested cannabis. 

A lot of times dispensaries and individual growers save the trimmings and clippings from quality buds and sell them at discounted prices as trim. They do the same thing with shake, which is basically small bits of leftover cannabis that are broken off from the tightly packed buds. 

What strains are always top shelf?

Cannabis is batched-based. It’s like produce, like fruits and vegetables. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad, sometimes they’re in between. You’re not always going to go get a Pink Lady apple and it’s going to look and taste the same as the last one you got. It’s the same for Sour Diesel and the same for OG Kush. It’s not always going to look and smell and taste the same as that one time when you got it. 

A lot of B.C. dispensaries have top shelf weed that is generally a sativa strain. This is because sativa strains take longer to flower. An indica strain might take seven to nine weeks to flower, whereas sativa strains generally take nine to twelve, and sometimes up to fourteen weeks to flower. 

What top-shelf weed should I buy?

The most important thing to remember about the weed that you buy is that you are the one who has to smoke it. Don’t buy the most expensive strain on the site just because it’s the most expensive strain. That might mean that it’s high quality, but it might not be the best strain for you! Keep in mind the quality indicators mentioned in this article, but make sure you experiment and find the qualities that you prefer in the cannabis you smoke.

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