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How does weed affect you socially?

How does weed affect you socially?

Just as we all have different reactions to foods, we all have different reactions to cannabis. Some people might feel as though ingesting or smoking cannabis helps them socially, while others might have an anxious or paranoid response that hinders them socially. Overall, you’ll have to make the choice whether or not to use cannabis in social situations for yourself. Experiment, see what works for you, and always be prepared to get yourself to a low-pressure situation if that’s what you need to do!

Do people smoke weed to be more social?

A few people smoke weed as a tool for thinking and self-reflection. They might smoke or vape something and then go out into a natural space, or walk, or run, or journal, or meditate. They may even have a good conversation with a close friend. In those situations, you might be building confidence for other aspects of your life. Self-awareness is an important aspect of confidence and social ease. So, indirectly, cannabis might help you become a more social person if you smoke it in this way. 

A lot of people end up smoking weed and seeking out the most pleasurable experiences they can find. For example, eating because of the munchies, zoning out on games or movies, napping, etc. This is not a way to enhance your social comfort, but it can be a lot of fun!

Does weed help with anxiety?

Again, cannabis affects people in different ways! Some people may have an anxiety-based response when they smoke cannabis, while others feel that smoking weed helps them calm down. There is a relatively large body of research which demonstrates that CBD can help with anxiety. So if you are looking for a solution to social anxiety that you feel, CBD might be the answer!

Otherwise, cannabis can help with social anxiety in terms of making you feel more connected to the people you’re spending time with. In social situations, being able to relate to the people you’re hanging out with can feel incredibly important. It’s literally the basis of peer pressure. So, we don’t recommend smoking cannabis just because everyone else is doing it. But if you’re comfortable smoking weed, and you want to get to know other people who smoke weed a bit better, share a joint! It might help with some of your mild social anxiety around that particular group!

Should I smoke cannabis at a party?

If you’re going to smoke weed at a party and you’re worried about how it will affect you socially, try to get to know yourself and your preferences while you’re high ahead of time. Smoke in a less socially-intense situation, and see how comfortable you feel. When you smoke with only a few close friends or by yourself, and you get paranoid or anxious, then smoking weed at a party might not be the best move. 

However, by that same token, some people who smoke by themselves feel intensely paranoid, while smoking with many other people helps to alleviate those feelings. Really, it all depends on the individual person. If you want to smoke cannabis, you need to try it out. Be prepared for the possibility that you might want to suddenly leave the social situation you are in, but don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily. There’s nothing to worry about until there’s something to worry about.

Can smoking weed help with panic attacks?

Again, if weed only has a calming effect on you – then sure! However, if you’re the type of person who experiences anxiety or paranoia when you smoke cannabis, then the answer to a panic attack is almost certainly NOT to smoke a joint. It is incredibly important to develop appropriate coping mechanisms if you are someone who experiences panic attacks. Smoking cannabis takes awhile to kick in and for that reason alone is not really an appropriate way to end a panic attack. However it can also exacerbate feelings of anxiety and paranoia – so be careful when you smoke cannabis if you do experience panic attacks.

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