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How to Roll a Great Joint


You might be curious, how to roll a great joint? This article covers the basics of rolling a joint. It provides you with the information you need to become a better joint roller than you are now. We reveal insight into one integral rolling hack, and also discuss how to personalize your joint rolling setup.

That certain person you have a crush on rolls up to you at your friend?s backyard party and asks, “hey, you like to smoke weed, right? Could you roll a joint for us to smoke??” Eager happiness turns to absolute horror and you freeze, embarrassed. “No, you mumble”. Then you start to make excuses, like, you prefer smoking a pipe, or maybe it’s that you hit bongs or rip massive dabs. Sound familiar?

The blunt truth

The blunt truth is a true and dedicated pothead should know how to roll a joint, and that’s what the little voice inside your head always says anyways. Believe me, I know. I feel your pain. I was you once, and I couldn’t roll for shit. My wife, bless her soul, set me on the right track to rolling proper joints almost a decade ago. And here we are today to share this knowledge.

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You will require three things, grasshopper.

  1. Practice.
  2. Personalize your supplies.
  3. This final point shall be revealed later.


Ya?ll talking about practice? Practice?? Yeah, we sure are. Practice makes perfect my friends, and we’re here seeking out the perfect joint. But don’t worry, you don’t need to get ten thousand hours for this one. Roll thirty to fifty joints and you’ll be set. Roll over a hundred, and you’ll be real good. When you start to lose count of the number of books of papers you rip through, then, and only then, will you have achieved full mastery status. You gotta love the process.

Personalize your supplies

When it comes to rolling the perfect joint, it’s like shooting a free-throw in basketball, or a tennis serve. It all comes down to routine. Personalize your preferences. Carefully select your favourite papers, filter tips and grinder, and any other gear you might have. Use them routinely. If you keep changing your tools, how are you supposed to learn? For example, I exclusively use Rolling Maiz 1 + 1/4 Corn Papers with non-perforated Raw Filter Tips, and I bust with a purple clear top Sharpstone grinder over a dope custom Raw Rolling Tray I copped in Amsterdam. On the other hand, my good friend exclusively uses OCB King Size Thin Papers with perforated Elements Filter Tips in a black closed-top SpaceCase, over a vintage rolling tray he picked up in France. Both of us love smoking hella weed and we both roll excellent joints, but our setup is completely different. It’s all about your preferences, people!

Rolling Paper Products

Find your favourite papers

Ah, but there are so many options! Do you like thin papers like OCB’s, or are you an old school smoker that prefers those thick papers like Rolling or Players papers? Do you prefer rice, hemp or corn papers? Bleached or unbleached? Flavoured, or natural? Some of the most famous and widely used rolling paper brands are RAW, Zig Zags, Elements, OCB, Smoking, Pure Hemp, or Rizla (a great dog’s name, right?). Then you have your niche papers, like the ones that come with a wire inside them (they suck trust us), or those clear rolling papers made of cellophane (gross/meh), or the 24K Gold ones (rich homies holla). The possibilities are endless, and it’s great ’cause rolling papers are pretty cheap. You can test out as many as your heart desires.

Use rolling tips

Raw, Element, and OCB all make ’em, and many others. Just make sure you don’t get actual cigarette tips. They don’t let enough smoke through for a joint, it’s meant to filter tobacco.

Why should I use rolling tips, one might ask? Consistency. Sure, you can use random bits from some old business cards. But each time it will be a different size and length, which will definitely impact your end result. It all starts with the filter. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, take someone’s pack of papers and rip off a piece of the booklet to use for your shitty filter. We’d rather you didn’t use one at all, man. For those who roll joints on the daily, you have to understand that they have a close relationship with the supplies they use. You wouldn’t borrow a friend’s shoes only to rip out the laces and use them to hold your pants up cause you forgot to wear a belt today. Figure your life out.

How to Roll a Great Joint

Use a grinder

Old school smokers claim scissors and your fingers are the best way to break up bud. It may be nostalgic but it is certainly not efficient. These are usually the same people that claim weed was better in the 70’s. Anyyyways a titanium grinder is like fifty scissors working at once, so do yourself a favour and make a thirty dollar one time investment in a solid grinder. Space Case and Sharpstone are two of the best, but again, there are so many options out there. Just make sure it’s made of titanium, not some random “alloy’. Don’t use plastic grinders either, you don’t want to be smoking little bits of plastic when that garbage starts to break apart.


Do the future you a solid

At the end of the day when it comes to rolling joints, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to roll up big chunks of chronic. Save that for the pipe or the bong. When trying to spin up big chunks, a plethora of sad things can happen. You’ll be up at the cottage and a piece of stem will puncture your last and only paper and you’ll be absolutely steaming with frustration. You’ll go to ash your joint after using your last and only match and the whole cherry will fall out. Maybe you’ve got a backup fire source, but what if it’s windy? No one likes lighting a joint a million times. There will be extra air spaces between the flower, make the burn uneven and allowing the paper to burn much quicker than the chronic inside. The main point here is: get yourself a titanium grinder people!

Cop a stash box to up your game

You can find some pretty neat stuff on Amazon or in local head shops. Having a rolling kit is definitely a good look, and as you advance in your skill level you will want to customize your kit in the way that makes the most sense for you. Hot tips for when you’re browsing: the best way to store chronic is in UV protected glass, and also make sure the stash box is big enough to fit your grinder, papers, filter tips and of course, your weed!

How to Roll a Great Joint


Put the filter (crutch, tip etc) in the joint when you are rolling it – DO NOT, please do not, try to wrangle the filter into the joint after you’ve already rolled it. Problems will arise. The filter might fall out when you pass it, and the joint definitely won’t look smooth, it’ll be all bumpy and uneven. After you’ve packed the weed in and you start to spin the joint, tuck the corner of the paper behind the filter paper, and then spin it tightly around that point. Finish the roll and you will have a perfect cone shape. Lick only the last corner of the paper, around the filter. Don’t like the entire edge of the lick strip. Why? That’s what causes canoeing, an uneven burn effect that results from a part of the joint being wetter than the rest, causing the wet part to burn slower. We don’t want that!


To summarize:

  1. Roll that joint with the filter in.
  2. Roll the joint tightly around the filter.
  3. Lick the final corner of the lick strip, where the lick strip meets the filter.

The Secret Ingredient: A Good Attitude

Because anything you’re doing is better when you’re having fun doing it!

You are ready to embark on your rolling experience.

Have fun and enjoy the ride to becoming a master roller. We hope this blog post “How to Roll a Great Joint” will help get you there! Let’s take one more look at that same situation we started this whole thing with but this time, you’ve been working tirelessly, honing your joint-fashioning skills.

That certain person you have a crush on rolls up to you at your friend?s backyard party and asks, ?Hey, you like to smoke weed, right? Could you roll a joint for us to smoke?? Eager happiness turns to beaming pride and you smile.

“Yeah,” you say confidently. “Only if I can smoke it with you?? ” They smile back and take your hand, pulling you toward a picnic table near the back of the party.

If you would like to see a video of this joint rolling process, let us know in the comments below! We always love hearing from you.

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  1. Lisa Berkers
    March 8, 2022 at 4:09 am

    I like to fold my paper in half. Makes a nice tray of sorts. I scoop on the weed with the zig zag papers on my try. Make sure weed stays fresh and somewhat moist. If too dry won’t rule or burn good. Now that it’s rolled spark it up.

  2. Lisa Berkers
    March 9, 2022 at 7:35 am

    Better yet if you have oil smear it on the paper. Cone joints can be a HOOT.

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