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Mataro Blue

mataro blue
mataro blue

Mataro Blue


Genetics: Blue Monster x Mazar-i-Sharif x Black Domina
Type: Indica dominant
Origin: Kannabia Seeds

Effects: Powerful body effects, calming mental buzz
Use: Evening use, streaming, relaxing, calm
Medicinal: Chronic pain, insomnia, headaches, cramps


Strain Details

Mataro Blue is a rare and sought-after indica dominant hybrid strain, resulting from the exquisite combination of three distinguished cannabis strains – Black Domina, Mazar I Sharif, and Blue Monster. This unique fusion gives birth to a truly exceptional cannabis experience, cherished by enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

The appearance of Mataro Blue buds is nothing short of mesmerizing. Each nug is perfectly rounded and tightly packed, displaying a rich forest green coloration that is beautifully complemented by mesmerizing blue undertones. Adding to their allure, delicate orange hairs weave through the dense buds, while a glistening coat of tiny amber crystal trichomes covers the surface like a shimmering veil.

A sensory delight awaits as the buds are broken apart. A delightful aroma fills the air – a fresh and earthy essence enriched with the tantalizing scent of ripe berries. When the strain is set ablaze, a hint of spicy herbal notes accompanies the berry fragrance, creating an alluring and inviting atmosphere.

But the true marvel of Mataro Blue lies in its potency. With THC levels soaring to impressive heights, this strain offers a robust and powerful high that captivates the senses and transports the mind to new heights of euphoria. Novice users should approach this strain with caution, as its strength can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.

Upon inhalation, the flavor profile is an explosion of sweetness and fruity goodness. The taste of succulent berries dances on the tongue, delighting the palate with every inhale. As the smoke dissipates, a gentle herbal essence emerges on the exhale, mingling harmoniously with the lingering berry notes that bring pure bliss to the experience.

Mataro Blue stands as a rare gem among cannabis strains, a masterpiece born of careful breeding and artful genetic selection. From its stunning appearance to its unparalleled potency and delightful flavor profile, it is a strain that embodies the very best of what cannabis has to offer.

Effects + Use

Mataro Blue is a strain known for its smooth and easy onset of effects, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. The experience begins with a gentle tingling sensation that emerges at the back of the head and neck. Gradually, this delightful tingling expands through the mind, bringing about a sense of euphoria that is both active and invigorating. What’s interesting is that amidst this heightened mental state, users also find themselves feeling relaxed and at ease.

As the euphoria takes hold, a delightful wave of tranquility washes over the body. The tingling sensation extends throughout the entire physique, inducing a soothing and calming body high. This combination of mental and physical effects creates a harmonious experience, leaving users in a slightly sedated state, while at the same time, cultivating a pronounced sense of hunger.

Beyond its recreational appeal, Mataro Blue has garnered significant attention for its potential medicinal benefits. Its potency, coupled with above-average THC levels, makes it an attractive option for individuals seeking relief from various medical conditions. One of its primary medicinal uses is in managing chronic pain, as the strain’s relaxing properties can help ease discomfort and provide respite to those suffering from ongoing pain.

Moreover, Mataro Blue has demonstrated promise in alleviating symptoms of depression, offering a boost of mood and a temporary escape from the weight of the condition. Patients experiencing a loss of appetite can also find solace in this strain, as it tends to stimulate the desire to eat, providing a potential solution for those dealing with eating disorders or the side effects of certain medical treatments.

For individuals grappling with chronic stress and anxiety, Mataro Blue offers a chance to unwind and find temporary relief. Its ability to induce a state of relaxation can be particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with constant worry and tension.

Additionally, those dealing with insomnia or other sleep disturbances may find Mataro Blue to be a welcome ally. The sedative nature of the strain can encourage a more restful and rejuvenating sleep, allowing users to wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Mataro Blue is a well-regarded strain that offers a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. Its unique combination of mental invigoration and physical relaxation makes it a versatile choice for both recreational users and those seeking relief from various medical conditions. Whether someone is looking to unwind after a long day or seeking respite from chronic ailments, Mataro Blue stands as a compelling option in the ever-expanding world of cannabis strains.

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