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What is a quarter pound?

What is a quarter pound?

What is a quarter pound? You’ve probably come across terms like an eighth or a quarter or an ounce when purchasing cannabis at your local dispensary. Even so it can be hard to determine just how much cannabis flower you’ll have on hand and exactly how many joints you can make with it. 

What are the smallest amounts of cannabis I can buy?

A gram of cannabis can become a single gram joint, two and a half gram joints or three to four bowls. It is commonly known as a dime or a dub. This quantity is most preferable for first time users or for those who are trying out different strains. 

An eighth or an eighth of an ounce equals 3.5 grams of cannabis. This quantity can become three full gram joints with a half gram shorty or seven half gram joints. An eighth is commonly known as a slice. This quantity is a standard purchase amount for consumers. 

What are the larger amounts of cannabis I can buy?

A quarter measures up to seven grams of weed. So you’ll typically get seven single gram joints or 14 half gram joints. Half an ounce measures up to 14 grams of weed. You can roll this quantity into 14 single gram joints or approximately 28 to 30 half gram joints. This quantity is also referred to as a half or half of a zip. 

An ounce equals 28 grams. You can roll this quantity into 28 single gram joints, 50 to 60 half gram joints, or more than 100 bowls. These typically sell at a price between $150 to $350 depending on the quality of the flower and where you live. Another name for an ounce is a zip.

Is a quarter pound the most I can buy?

There are some large quantities of cannabis available to purchase from dispensaries, like a quarter pound. A full pound is 16 ounces, which means that a quarter pound is 4 ounces in total. 4 ounces equals 112 grams. Sometimes it can be useful to buy this amount of cannabis if you are a frequent smoker, or if you plan to make edibles at home. This amount of weed is also sometimes called a QP.

Should I buy a quarter pound?

If you’re a regular consumer of potent cannabis, buying bulk quantities might be more economical! 

An important thing to know about the quantity of cannabis you buy is that two flowers that are the same quantity may look very different on the basis of their density. Usually indica strains are known to be dense while sativa strains grow into airy and loose buds due to the conditions that they grow in. 

What amount should I buy if I have a low tolerance?

Tolerance is the need to take more of the same substance to achieve the same desired effect. Your tolerance will increase the more you use a substance and the more potent the substance is will increase your tolerance faster. 

Here’s an example

People who have a low tolerance to cannabis can consume just one hit of flower and be pretty intoxicated. Someone with an established tolerance can consume an entire joint to themselves and it might feel a bit like a cup of coffee. When you’re new to cannabis, you probably have a low tolerance or no tolerance so going low and slow is critical. It is recommended to use flower first because you can control your high more easily. The reason why is you can just take one hit and know what to expect from it and that experience will go away soon, way sooner than an edible. 

Does tolerance matter for edibles?

The high you get from edibles is usually very different from a quick toke on a joint and because you don’t get that instant hit. Once you’ve eaten your cannabis edible, there’s no going back. If you don’t like the effects, there’s not a lot you can do for quite some time.

You also have to be wary of “nothing’s happening” syndrome. Edibles can take up to two hours to take effect. So it can be a big mistake after half an hour to think that nothing’s happening after eating one brownie and promptly eat two more. That’s why it is best to pay close attention to your dosing. 

How much weed should I use to make edibles?

In addition, you should know that when making cannabis edibles roughly 10% of the potency of THC goes away, as well as 90% of the potency of CBD, which means that THC will be 10 times more effective as a result. When starting out with edibles, you should really stick to between three milligrams and five milligrams per portion.

Let’s break it down

When heated, the THC in cannabis becomes THCA (the A stands for acid). If you know your cannabis strain has 20% THC, that equates to 200 milligrams per 1000 milligrams of weed. If you have five grams of weed that means you have 1000 milligrams of THCA with a 90% conversion rate when making cannabis. That means you have 900 milligrams of THC A. When making cannabutter on average, only 60% of the THCA will be absorbed into the butter, meaning your butter will have only 540 milligrams of cannabis in it. 

Ok, let’s use this in a recipe

If we use all that kind of data in our recipe then to achieve five milligrams per portion, we need to make 108 portions. We get that by dividing 540 milligrams by five milligrams. Of course, you may not want to start out with a factory like outputs of cannabis edibles. So if you wanted to make 10 brownies in a batch, then you would only need to use just under 1/10 of your cannabutter and leave the rest in the fridge. As a final word of caution, make sure your cannabutter doesn’t get mistaken for real butter!

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