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Where can I find the best ounce deals?

Best Ounce Deals Canada

When you’re buying cannabis from any retailer in Canada, we know that you’re always looking for the best price. The price varies from province to province, and also between the legal and legacy markets. In general, the average price of an ounce across Canada is $118, which averages out to just over $4 per gram. 

However, it is important to note that this is an average. The average does not account for quality! You may find an ounce that is cheaper than $118 – but don’t think that just because it’s cheaper that it’s better. Higher quality ounces can reach up to $200 or even $300. There are many factors to take into account when you’re looking for the best ounce deals, and price is only one! 

How much weed is in an ounce?

The measurements used for cannabis can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with the system. The problem is that common cannabis measurements use imperial measurements, like ounces but also metric measurements, like grams. The number of grams, therefore, does not fit neatly into the ounce measurement – so we end up with some strange numbers. If we were to use the next smallest unit of measurement after ounces, we would measure weed in “grains.” One imperial ounce equals 437.5 grains. Realistically, this would actually be significantly more difficult to measure than just using grams, which convert fairly easily into ounces. 

When you buy cannabis from dispensaries, ounces measure at 28 grams. We know that technically an ounce is 28.364 grams – but that is not industry standard. If you buy cannabis from any retailer in Canada, expect a 28 gram ounce, no more. 

What types of ounces are there?

When you buy an ounce from an online dispensary, there are many different qualities available. The first is the shape of the weed you’re purchasing. Some dispensaries have ounce deals for flower nugs or shake. The shake is usually a significantly lower price. If you’re not fussy about quality, or if you plan to make edibles, these ounces of shake might be your best bet. The full nugs of cannabis are usually more expensive, and they are split into different tiers of quality. 

The quality is measured in “A”s. A single “A” is the lowest quality you’re likely to see from any retailer. “A” quality weed is usually not considered good quality, and is more likely to be cheaper. The next level is “AA” and then “AAA” up to “AAAA.” “AAAA” is the highest quality of cannabis you can buy. The best ounce deals will be for “AAAA” weed, usually. Remember, though, that price usually increases with quality, so “AAAA” quality will have a “AAAA” price.

How long does it take to smoke an ounce?

How long it takes to smoke an ounce of cannabis really depends on what type of smoker you are. Casual weekend smokers might take an incredibly long time to finish an ounce if they were smoking, say, two to four joints per weekend. The average cannabis smoker who smokes every day usually consumes around 2 grams, so an ounce might last them two weeks.

If you want to get the lower per gram price of an ounce, you can always buy a larger amount to split with friends! Single grams or eighths are usually the worst in terms of price to quantity ratio, so if you want to save money per gram, higher amounts are always better.

Should I only buy one ounce?

It depends on what you’ll be using the ounce of weed for! If you’re planning to make large batches of edibles, buying a few ounces of shake might be the best plan for you. You might also want to purchase multiple ounces if you’re a daily smoker. It can be incredibly inconvenient when you run out of cannabis before your next order has arrived. Make sure you plan ahead! 

Another thing to consider about purchasing more than one ounce might be that if you don’t like the ounce that you buy, you’re now stuck with an entire ounce of flower. LuckyHerbz (and other dispensaries) offer the chance to buy mix-and-match ounces. That way you can still get an entire ounce, but with 4 different strains. 

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