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Point Break

Point Break
Point Break

Point Break


Genetics: Tropicana Cookies x Trophy Wife
Type: Sativa dominant
Origin: Pacific Northwest

Effects: Energizing body effects, creative mental buzz
Use: Daytime use, light activity, creative pursuits
Medical: Chronic pain, headaches, cramps

Strain Details

Point Break, an indica-dominant hybrid strain, is a truly captivating creation resulting from the crossbreeding of Tropicana Cookies and Trophy Wife. This strain’s name pays homage to the renowned movie while offering an absolutely delightful cannabis experience. Boasting a genetic makeup of 60% indica and 40% sativa, Point Break induces a potent and full-bodied high that takes users on a remarkable journey.

At the onset, Point Break delivers a sudden burst of uplifting energy, invigorating the senses and uplifting the mood. This initial euphoria sets the stage for a gradual transition into a state of deep calm and tranquility, where stress and worries melt away. As the high progresses, Point Break’s sedating effects become more pronounced, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful night’s sleep.

In terms of appearance, Point Break buds are a sight to behold. They showcase oversized heart-shaped nuggets in a captivating dark olive green hue, accentuated by subtle undertones of mesmerizing dark purple. Adorned with thick, dark amber hairs, these buds are further enhanced by a generous dusting of frosty white crystal trichomes, adding a sparkling allure that captivates the eye.

Point Break entices the senses with its delectable flavor profile. The taste journey begins with a harmonious blend of sweet and sour notes, reminiscent of vanilla-infused citrus. Subtle hints of woodiness emerge during the exhale, adding a layer of complexity to the overall experience. Meanwhile, the aroma engulfs the surroundings with an intense sourness, akin to tangy tangerines. Complementing this citrusy profile are undertones of woody pine and a refreshing earthiness, creating a multi-dimensional olfactory delight.

Effects + Use

Point Break is an exceptional strain that delivers a ballanced high thanks to it’s 60/40 indica/sativa combination. Its effects swiftly and efficiently, enveloping you in a delightful experience that spans both mind and body. With its rapid onset, it quickly uplifts your mood, instilling a sense of euphoria and igniting your creative faculties. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking to embark on artistic endeavors or engage in tasks that require a burst of innovative thinking.

As the cerebral stimulation takes hold, you’ll find your body succumbing to a profound state of relaxation, akin to sinking into the plush embrace of a comfortable couch. This deep and soothing sensation cascades throughout your entire being, gradually inducing a state of complete sedation. With each passing moment, Point Break gently guides you into a restful slumber, ensuring you wake up refreshed and revitalized.

However, Point Break’s allure extends beyond its recreational benefits. This strain boasts remarkable therapeutic potential, making it a valuable ally in managing various physical and mental conditions. Individuals burdened by chronic stress, anxiety, or depression can find solace in the calming embrace of Point Break. It also proves effective in combating chronic fatigue, providing a much-needed energy boost. Those who suffer from headaches or migraines can find relief through its soothing properties.

Point Break is an exceptional strain known for its remarkable qualities that make it a perfect choice for various purposes. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your creative endeavors, elevate your mood, or alleviate aches and pains, this strain delivers on all fronts. With its well-balanced effects, Point Break caters to a wide range of individuals, ensuring that it meets the unique needs and preferences of any user.

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