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What are moon rock joints?

Moonrock Joints

Infused pre-rolls or joints are blends that not only have cannabis but also have additional kief or concentrate added to the pre-roll. This leads to a higher potency and stronger taste when smoked. There are a multitude of ways to make and use pre-rolls, making them an accessible option for major brands, companies, and even individuals to make at home. 

How can I make my own infused joints? 

Begin by heating up your THC oil. Use a candle warmer and put the oil in the glass jar. Heating the oil will reduce its viscosity which means it will be thinner and easier to pour. You can even use a double boiler to ensure that you are more evenly heating the oil. 

Once the oil is at a suitable temperature, you’ll paint it directly onto your pre-roll with a food grade paintbrush. Be sure to keep consistent coverage and apply the same amount around every part. Some companies may also add terpenes or other natural ingredients to reduce the viscosity of the oil making it easier to work with. These ingredients are typically used in vape cart production as well! The next step is applying the kief. The kief needs to be thoroughly sifted and then gently rolled onto the pre-roll. 

What kind of kief is used on moonrock joints?

The kief you can use for infusing pre-rolls might vary wildly in quality based on the particle size and method of sifting. This is why it is important to use a sifter with the proper mesh size for the job, such as a sifter with a 60 mesh or higher screen size. The higher the number, the smaller the screen holes will be. Not all kief is really kief or as pure as you would hope. Genuine kief should be more bold in colour, but not a green like the herbicide Roundup! If you see a pure green coating on a product, there’s a strong chance there’s some other material as well as some kief in the coating. Additionally, creating an infused pre-roll with ground flower will be less potent than a properly kief coated pre-roll. 

What is the easiest way to make a moonrock joint?

When you’re making an infused joint, you can paint just a stripe or spiral around the outside of the joint with the distillate of your choice. You can even choose to do a special design with THC diamonds on the infusion! And as an added bonus, this method of infusion is pretty easy to do and does not take that much skill or expensive equipment. But of course, easy doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. One possible negative of this method is that it creates a harsher smoke since you will be directly combusting oil. You may notice the entire end catches fire and creates thick black smoke. This method also leads to a decent amount of wasted oil and kief during the production process. It’s not the most efficient way to produce infused joints, but it is quite easy to do by yourself at home. 

Are there different ways to create moonrock pre-rolls?

Some companies create a thin sheet of hash and then wrap it completely around the cannabis. The pros and cons of this method are very similar to the painting method. 

Another method is infusing the flower directly with your concentrate. There are many different ways to do this with different types of concentrates. For example, kief can be mixed into the flower directly and then built into your pre-rolls. After that, oil is sprayed and mixed directly into the dry flower. To do this, the oil is placed in a heated spray gun such as a type often used in cooking to spray decorative chocolates. With this method you could also add flavor by adding naturally derived or artificially derived terpenes. 

What type of extracts are used in moonrock joints?

In addition to liquefied extracts, Bubble Hash is often used as well. Typically the Bubble Hash is broken up into small bits and then mixed into the cannabis flower to increase both the potency and the flavor. 

You can also use THC powder, which is a powder that is the pure isolated form of THC. It looks like a fine white powder and usually tests at 99% potency. Using this product can increase or maintain THC percentages without adding additional harshness. This infusion method is also incredibly popular for creating flavor joints. In terms of downsides it can be hard to homogenize the concentrate perfectly into the flower so you may not produce the most consistent pre-rolls in terms of ensuring each one is the same exact potency. 

What are some tips for rolling moonrock joints?

Using oil throughout your rolling process will cause the flower to be stickier, which can slow down your process. To help mitigate this, brands will often cool down the material as much as possible by storing in a fridge or freezer before use. You should also keep the room you are rolling in as cold as possible to help keep the concentrate easy to handle. The warmer concentrate gets the stickier it becomes. 

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