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What does HTFSE mean?

What does HTFSE mean?

High terpene full spectrum extracts or HTFSEs are a little awkward to pronounce, but they’re certainly worth your time and attention. In order to understand what HTFSEs are, first you should understand what a true full spectrum extract is. Full Spectrum extracts contain a complete range of the cannabis strain’s original and medically applicable chemical compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are a subclass of hydrocarbons, which really just means they’re a class of very volatile compounds that naturally appear in different plants and biological material. They can contribute to the aroma, but they also have other functional properties. 

When we’re talking about cannabis, that really means the aroma and in a colloquial sense, it’s what people use to describe the aromas that are being produced by the cannabis plant. Inside the trichome head where a lot of that cannabinoid activity is taking place is where the terpenes can be found as well. They’re the largest compound by weight that contributes to the aroma that can be found in those pieces of the plant. 

The terpenes are just one cast in this entire stage of characters and compounds that are contributing to the aroma of cannabis. So it’s not just terpenes, we also have terpenoids, and esters and a range of other compounds that contribute different aromatics. And even though those ones don’t make up the mass weight of the cannabis plant, and especially with that trichrome head, they still contribute greatly to the aromas and flavors that we love to find in cannabis.

What’s in HTFSE carts?

The trick to making HTFSEs is in extracting all that good stuff and the tricorne glands without including the undesirable plant matter that can taste harsh. Tricomes are tiny botanical outgrowths that contain the strings you need to navigate, which include THC, CBD, and other minor but beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, and more. 

A full spectrum extract also includes inactive compounds, such as THC A, and CBDA which are activated through decarboxylation when you smoke. This is why you need to pay attention to the total THC and not just the activated THC and product potency listings. Capturing the full spectrum of these diverse sets of compounds is crucial to producing a truly magnificent HTFSE complete with those complex flavors and aromas from the original strain.

Why should I buy HTFSE?

Why would anyone opt for a terpene rich extract? Because of the amazing flavor and the entourage effect. Even with a lower cannabinoid potency HTFSEs can provide a better, more enjoyable experience for those who may be turned off by too intense or unbalanced psychoactive effects.

How can I make my carts last longer?

The number one reason why carts go so quickly is the wattage of the battery and the behavior of the cart. Wattage controls the temperature that the cartridge burns at. The higher the wattage, the higher the temperature. 

This means two things. First, the higher the wattage, the more vapor or clouds you’re gonna get. It looks cool and it’s probably the biggest reason why people put the highest wattage available on their battery whenever they smoke. The second thing is that because it’s burning at a higher temperature, you’re burning whatever is inside the cartridge faster. So higher wattage means larger clouds of smoke, but it’s at the expense of running a shorter lifespan of the cartridge. So if you lower the wattage of your battery and then start to do “blinkers,” that can also make your cart last a shorter amount of time. Blinkers happen when you hit a battery until the power cut occurs. If you want your carts to last longer, lower the wattage and don’t hit the cart until the battery blinks. 

How should I store my HTFSE carts?

 Another reason HTFSE and other carts don’t last as long is because people don’t leave their carts standing up straight. On their sides, they can slide around. You might see residue on the sides, which might contribute to the cart not smoking properly. For this reason you should store your carts upright. 

Should I buy disposable vapes or a battery and disposable carts?

One of the biggest differences between disposable vapes and disposable carts is the price point. Because a disposable vape has a battery and a cart in one piece, it’s going to be more expensive overall than buying a reusable battery and individual disposable carts. Related to this, disposable vapes have two mechanisms inside each piece that could theoretically have problems that you’ll have to bring back to the dispensary to deal with. 

Disposable vapes are also thrown away when the cart is empty, but the battery inside the vape could have more charges in it. This means that when we throw away the entire vape, we’re also wasting a battery that still has useful life left in it. If you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly, then using a rechargeable battery with disposable carts is definitely the way to go.

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