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What is Charlotte’s Web?

What is Charlotte's Web?

Charlotte’s Web is a famous CBD strain that can be helpful in treatment of seizure disorders, pain and inflammation, and any other health issue that is positively impacted by CBD. This article will go over the history of the strain as well as some common methods of consumption. 

Who was Charlotte Figi?

Charlotte Figi was a child with a catastrophic type of epilepsy. She became a symbol of the positive impacts that CBD can have on individuals, particularly young children. Charlotte had a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome.

What is Dravet Syndrome?

Dravet Syndrome is a disorder that causes seizures which start very early in an individual’s life, sometimes within the first year. The seizures that Charlotte suffered from were quite severe, and by the age of six she was having a seizure about every 30 minutes. Over a period of two years, Charlotte’s parents sought out advice and medical treatment from different doctors. These treatments included acupuncture, alternative remedies, and various drugs. 

Who were the Stanley brothers?

The Stanley brothers were cannabis growers in Colorado who were cross-breeding strains of cannabis that were high in CBD and low in THC. Their focus was to breed out the psychoactive components of cannabis in order to achieve a high CBD level. They were able to achieve a level of about 21% CBD while keeping the THC under 1%. 

The reason why they were breeding out the THC was to create a strain that was not used for recreational side effects, but rather the medical benefits associated with CBD. The Stanley brothers were basically seeking the highest grade of medical cannabinoids.

How did Charlotte’s Web come to be?

Charlotte’s mother went to a Denver dispensary and purchased some high CBD variety cannabis. The owners were surprised about the request because high-CBD cannabis didn’t have much of a psychoactive effect and was therefore not very popular. 

Charlotte’s mother took the CBD treatment home and gave her daughter the CBD treatment and she did not have a seizure that day. Overall, the CBD treatment resulted in a sharp decline in seizures. Charlotte went from having 300 seizures a week to only having one. She went from using a feeding tube for nutrition to eating on her own. She also began walking and talking on her own. 

How is Charlotte’s Web grown?

Charlotte’s Web is actually a patented, asexually reproducing strain. According to the patent, asexual clones from the original source have been tested in greenhouses, and the properties of each clone from the original cultivar were found to be stable. Successful generations of asexual reproduction demonstrate that Charlotte’s Web was not a one-off, unique plant.

An interesting side note about the patent is that is the first and only plant patent for hemp cultivar issued within the United States (as of two years ago). 

What is Charlotte’s Web like?

Charlotte’s Web is a sativa-based strain, with THC lower than 3%. Charlotte’s Web is used to create a variety of extracts for health and wellness products, as well as its medicinal properties. The strain also lacks any psychoactive properties, making it completely non-intoxicating. It definitely contributed to CBD entering mainstream consciousness and the increase in research into the benefits of CBD. 

Can anyone take Charlotte’s Web?

A lot of people feel that they don’t want to get their child high on a drug, and they have misconceptions about Charlotte’s Web (and cannabis in general). Interestingly, some people call Charlotte’s Web “hippies disappointment” because you absolutely cannot get high off of it. Extracts, drops, etc. are safe for children with epileptic disorders to use. Although, as a disclaimer, you should absolutely speak with your doctor about CBD treatment for a child and not take advice from some random internet article! 

What disorders does Charlotte’s Web help?

Charlotte’s Web obviously has a huge impact on epileptic disorders, but it also has a beneficial impact on many other things as well. Sleeping disorders, eating disorders, and anxiety are all problems that can be treated with Charlotte’s Web. Any inflammation-related pain that would be helped by CBD can, of course, be helped by Charlotte’s Web. The benefit of Charlotte’s Web rather than a CBD extract is that you might receive some of the entourage effect because there are more terpenes than just CBD present within the plant. 

If you are an adult, you can use Charlotte’s Web vapes, or smoke joints with Charlotte’s Web flower. 

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