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What is the history of “haze”?

What is haze?

The cannabis strain known as haze started in the late 60s/early 70s in Santa Cruz California by two brothers, known as the Haze brothers. Haze is perhaps the most renowned and most grown sativa hybrid throughout the world. It is a late finishing sativa from America, widely agreed upon by experts to be some of the best cannabis on the planet. In recent years, the cannabis industry has shifted towards faster finishing varieties, because sometimes it can take up to 16 weeks for a sativa plant to finish growing. 

What is haze like?

Haze is known for its extreme, almost psychedelic spaciness. The fragrance is complex and deep, with a dry flowery perfume over a bse of leathery undertones. When used as a hybrid, it adds complexity to the taste and a unique addition to the high itself. 

Where did haze come from?

The original haze was cultivated by two mothers known as the Haze brothers. It all began with three strains crossing: a thai, mexican, and colombian landrace. Other accounts say it was different strains, but that is the basic idea. Cannabis was mostly imported in the 70s, and it wasn’t until the late to mid 80s that the United States and Canada started seriously growing their own types of cannabis.

What was haze originally sold as?

The Haze brothers sold different phenotypes of haze under names like purple haze, silver blue haze, and lime green haze. They won the first two cannabis cups they entered. In the 80s, Haze was introduced to a worldwide audience supposedly through someone named Sam the Skunkman. Sam the Skunkman grew three haze plants and crossed them with many different kinds of sativas. Along the way, he cultivated strains that won multiple cannabis cups in the 1980s.

After a series of crackdowns in the United States via the war on drugs, a strain named Northern Lights was crossed with haze in the mid 1990s and created a strain which would become the foundation of the later haze hybrids.

How did the haze strain win so many awards?

Throughout the 90s, the haze hybrids won numerous cannabis cup awards. Haze genetics have dominated the Cannabis Cup and the industry overall with strains like: ultra haze, super lemon haze, neville’s haze, and more. 

Finding quality breeding plants is hard work. You have to grow a lot of seeds, and you need skill and knowledge when it comes to selection time in order to decide which plants should continue to be cultivated. 

So what is haze?

Haze is a very potent sativa dominant strain. It is covered in crystals, and often flowers between nine and thirteen weeks normally. It often smells more citrusy compared to other cannabis plants. Often, menus in dispensaries might classify all sativas under the name “haze” and all indicas under the umbrella term “skunk.”

What is Neville’s Haze?

There are many different haze strains available on the market today. One such strain is called “Neville’s Haze.” It was named after a man who amassed a cannabis seed bank in Holland, the first of its kind in the world. It’s nearly 100% sativa, and a cross between Northern Lights and Haze. It yields roughly 22% THC levels. When you smoke Neville’s Haze, you can expect ultra fruity flavors and aromas followed by a social happy high. Flowering for Neville’s Haze can take up to 16 weeks.

What is Utopia Haze?

Utopia Haze has a somewhat self-explanatory name. One good toke and you are likely to experience an unforgettable, hard-hitting, long-lasting, cerebral high. It will leave you feeling as though you are in paradise. You can expect a fruity and minty flavor coming from the abundance of terpenes. This strain is faster than Neville’s Haze, and you can expect to be able to harvest some buds after 10 weeks. 

What is Panama Haze?

Panama Haze is packed with flavors of lemon, spice, and incense. THis is a genuine sativa, so plants are susceptible to mildew and mold, but are great for growing indoors. Overall, haze-based weed strains are light and cerebral, just the way you would expect a sativa to be. 

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