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Where does “kush” come from?

What is kush?

There are several different possible explanations for the origin of OG Kush and other kush varieties. Some people believe it originated in Florida or California, and others believe it has connections to the Hindu Kush mountain range in Asia.

So OG Kush originated in the United States?

OG Kush has become a worldwide staple in cannabis, and there’s many different phenotypes of the OG Kush that exist. Some people believe that Matt Berger found a bag of seeds in Florida that would later become known as the OG Kush. 

Supposedly the seeds of OG Kush came from an unknown bag of weed in Miami in 1991, which was called a generic term for good weed because that time was the start of the generation that started naming specific strains. Only one plant was kept and propagated from the limited amount of seeds that were present in the original weed, and it was just called Kush since the first batch was said to look like Kush berries. That’s important to note because there’s really no such thing as a Kush Berry. Some could argue that this lends more credence to the theory that the name “kush” came from the Hindu Kush mountains.

Was OG kush a west or east coast strain then?

In 1996, OG Kush made its way to Los Angeles from Miami. So while a lot of people think the OG kush is a West Coast, California based strain, the original strain came from Orlando, Florida in 1991. Originally to prevent the strain from being lost, seeds were the main form of distribution and this is how the OG Kush got spread across the United States. During the time between 1997 and 1999 in Los Angeles, sellers were getting top dollar for the Kush due to the great demand and limited supply. 

Why are the terms skunk and kush important in the world of cannabis? 

Skunk, unsurprisingly got its name from the pungent smell given off from the burnt plant, which is often described as being similar to the defensive odor given off by a small black and white animal. And no, we don’t mean a badger. Skunk reached the United States in the 1970s at the time of FlowerPower and its ability to elevate the mood, relax the body and create a relaxing and peaceful state of mind fitted well with the mood of the time. Its average THC level and ability to grow easily in the North American climate made it very popular almost overnight. 

Because of the harsh climate they originated from, kush strains tend to have more foliage, and an average 18% THC level is responsible for producing some serious hits without overwhelming the user. Kush is also well known for its rich flavors, which could be boiled down to the abundance of terpenes in the plant. If you fancy a trip to the foothills of the Himalayas, without leaving the comfort of your couch, then consider growing OG Kush, Afghan Kush, critical Kush, and so many more. 

Who was Matt Berger?

Matt Berger was born in Delaware and then he moved to Florida when he was eight but he wasn’t any normal kid because by the time he was 13 he was already messing around with cannabis seeds and trying to grow them. In the early 90s, Matt went to a concert and managed to get some Northern Light seeds. Now we don’t know exactly what happened but at the end he had one plant that was shorter and stumpier than the rest. Supposedly he called this one plant “bubba.”

By 1996, Matt had three different versions of the original plant, one of which was OG kush. Matt ends up moving from Florida to LA. Some who supposedly smoked this original plant said that the first harvest of the kush is actually the highest they’ve ever been. After a year or so the word of the cush has gotten out in LA, like people are talking about it, people want it. 

What does “OG” in OG kush mean?

Alot of people will try and say that it’s either original gangster or ocean grown. According to Berger and company, neither of those meanings of OG are right. OG literally just means original. The original gangster moniker started coming around after rappers in LA started smoking OG Kush. They started dubbing it the original gangster. 

Ocean grown basically happened the exact same way as the rapping thing except in a different scene of people. People had this OG Kush, they didn’t know what it meant, they’re in California, they grow next to the ocean, so these people assumed OG stood for ocean grown. 

Who invented OG kush?

So the name Josh D is thrown around a lot as the creator of OG Kush. The thing is, if you actually look at Josh D and Matt Berger talking about their time together in the 90s, a word that will come up a lot is the “crew.” So it obviously wasn’t just Matt and Josh.

What is Hindu Kush?

The strain known as Kush could also have come from the originally imported landrace strain from the Kush Mountains in India, Afghanistan, and other places near there. This seems the most likely given the relative simplicity and lack of convoluted details. 

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